Sage Is a consulting and engineering company specializing in international mobility. Since 1989, she has been assisting experts and consultants on missions abroad, irrespective of their nationality of origin and their country of destination, within the European Union as in the rest of the world.


For the expert

By choosing our freelance administration services, the consultant becomes an employee of SAGE International Experts. This international status comprises access to a range of benefits that can be selected à la carte: basic and top-up health insurance, unemployment insurance, retirement and savings schemes, third-party liability insurance, etc.

In addition to these basic freelance administration services, SAGE provides a series of advantages including:

  • The Swiss legal framework, including in terms of labour and tax legislation
  • Guaranteed compliance with target country legislation
  • A secure payroll management and communication system
  • A dedicated contact person for personalised support services
  • Operational assistance and consultancy including in the domains of the law and fiduciary affairs.
  • Continuous fiscal and financial optimisation

An all-inclusive, transparent service

The fee Sage charges depends on the turnover invoiced.

This fee covers all of the services.

SAGE does not charge extra for operations such as:

  • Filing returns and paying contributions
  • Supplying administrative and contractual documents (family allowance, accidents, sick leave, etc.)
  • Management of expense claims
  • The payment of withholding tax, if necessary in the host country

The following are optional, depending on the case:

  • Work permit applications
  • Management of immigration requirements
  • Organisation of travel and relocation in the host country
DRH d'une structure de 50 salariés, j'apprécie grandement les facilités administratives proposées par SageSA.
Deux jours après m’être mis en relation avec SageSA, j’obtenais une mission de conseil de trois mois en Uruguay. Valoriser mon expertise n’a jamais été aussi simple et rapide.
Grâce aux mises en relation proposées par SageSA, je n'ai mis que 5 semaines à trouver la mission qui me convenait.
Merci à SageSA qui s'est occupé efficacement de toute la partie administrative, j'ai pu me concentrer sur ma mission.
N'ayant pas de statut d'indépendant, c'est grâce à SageSA que j'ai pu accepter une mission de 3 mois en Afrique.
La puissance du réseau de SageSA m'a permis de travailler depuis 8 ans quasiment sans aucune interruption entre chaque mission.
Je devais valider une offre de mission en moins de 48h. C'est la réactivité de SageSA qui m'a permis de le faire.