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For companies


  • You are a company and you would like to hire overseas.
  • The administrative burden that this creates exceeds the capacity of your existing HR teams.
  • Your costs for managing foreign employees are too high.
  • You do not have the legal expertise to identify the proper regulatory framework for expatriation.

To facilitate the implementation of your overseas missions and expatriations, we use turnkey solutions that have been proving effective for more than 30 years. Our expertise and experience will save you time and allow you to optimize your outlay.



        • Using the services of an external contractor is easy and straightforward.
        • Free yourself from social risks in the relationship with the contractor
        • Easily expand your business territory internationally
        • Assess a contractor’s skills before a potential hire
        • Strengthen your international presence more quickly and easily
        • Outsource occasional work of contractors and specialists
        • Optimize payroll and indirect costs
        • Increase your capacity to manage expatriate team


        Our services


        • Personalised wage system to adapt to the specific requirements of the company
        • Management of the payroll, communication and secure reporting
        • Filing of returns with administrations and official bodies
        • Editing and sending of payslips and various certificates
        • Real time application of changes in legislation
        • Interfacing with the company’s accounting system (on request only)


        • Conducting of audits
        • Analysis of in-house practices (matching strategy to corporate culture, performance level, compliance, costs, etc.)
        • Comparison with the market
        • Satisfaction surveys of expatriates
        • Recommendations for changes or corrective measures on all types of transfers (assignments, secondment, inpatriation, expatriation, commuting, etc.)

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