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International Umbrella Company 

What does an international umbrella company do?

To expand their work portfolio independently while retaining the advantages of salaried employment, contractors have the possibility of using an umbrella company, which also lends itself to missions with an international dimension.

In the same way as at home, the contractor finds their own mission and determines the conditions and remuneration with the end client. They use an international umbrella company which, in return for a commission deducted from the turnover generated by the mission, handles all the administrative tasks related to the work assignment (signing contracts, administrative obligations, compulsory filing of documents specific to the host country, taxation, etc.) and pays the contractor in the form of a salary.

As a seconded or expatriate contractor of the umbrella company, you do not need to set up a company of your own to work abroad as a freelancer. You benefit from international social protection (health insurance, provident scheme, pension contributions, unemployment benefits, professional civil liability, etc.) and enjoy the advantages of a well-established structure to secure your activity and handle the necessary formalities for your expatriation.

Advantages of using an International Umbrella Company

For the contractor

No need to set up a legal structure to operate independently abroad and invoice the end client

Maintain employee status and associated benefits

Minimize risks and safely start work as soon as you arrive abroad

Comply with the laws of the destination country, keeping the formalities to a strict minimum

Receive help to negotiate and optimize your income

Secure contractual relations (company/contractor)

Operate freely abroad

For companies

Using the services of an external contractor is easy and straightforward

Free yourself from social risks in the relationship with the contractor

Easily expand your business territory internationally

Assess a contractor’s skills before a potential hire

Strengthen your international presence more quickly and easily

Outsource occasional work of contractors and specialists

Optimize payroll and indirect costs

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