Experience of Katell JAFFRELOT, sales export manager

Hello Katell. What is your profession?

I manage the commercial and export management of several European VSE/SMEs, and accompany them in their international development over the long term.

I have specialised over the course of my career, first within major groups and then as a freelance consultant for almost 7 years now.

Which business sector do your main customers operate in?

I mainly work in the agri-food sector, although my skills can be extended to other sectors. My clients are for example: a winegrower, a poultry producer or a confectioner.

Which countries do you operate in?

I make more than 70 trips abroad a year, mainly to Europe, Asia and North America.

Why did you choose an international umbrella company? What are the benefits for you?

When I began to work as an external consultant, I wanted to devote myself 100% to my core business rather than manage the administrative side of a company. Sage takes care of the administrative side – invoicing, contract, accounting, payroll deductions, etc., freeing me entirely from all the red tape inherent in running a company, however small. This freedom allows me to be efficient and totally focused on the work I am doing for my customers.


From a more global point of view, working autonomously through an umbrella company releases me from executive constraints. In the past I have held managerial positions in major groups, and I was eager to regain control of my time and no longer have to confronted the balance of power that you find there. Today, this status as an external consultant allows me to work with all the business areas of my client companies, and this is a guarantee of performance.


Lastly, I wasn’t interested in becoming a partner or creating a company that would require employees in the long run.

How long have you been working with Sage SA?

For 6 years now, and I haven’t noticed the time go by. We have built a relationship of trust that is very comfortable on a daily basis.

Why did you choose SAGE?

I was not familiar with the notion of umbrella company. In fact, few people and even companies have a clear understanding of how it works. The subject was raised during a meeting in the company where I was working at the time. This caught my attention and started me thinking about this professional project which is now my daily life.


Every month, SAGE invoices my client companies, and pays me an income in the form of a salary, after deducting my social security cover, pension contributions, and supplementary payments.


The Swiss law that governs my international contracts is one of the most flexible in Europe and allows me to work all over the world with complete security and peace of mind.