The ideal solution for assignments abroad as a contractor.

The prospect can seem daunting. And yet, international umbrella companies have been around for a long time, providing services that will more than likely suit your situation to allow you to enjoy your international assignment with complete peace of mind. We free you from the complexities of administrative and payroll management and optimise your take home pay.

A team always on hand to assist you individually.

All year round, your personal contact tailors the services available to the particular needs of your assignment or company, and provides you with timely advice.

Sage - an expert international umbrella company. Enjoy our protection!

Sage has been a part of the group for 6 years, and has been working with companies and contractors for more than 30 years, exclusively on international aspects. Our valuable know-how enables us to deal with all types of complexity quickly and efficiently.

How the international umbrella company works.

An international umbrella company caters for companies and contractors with international projects. Sage handles all the administration and invoicing of the end client using a contractor for an assignment abroad. A service agreement is signed with the client, and an employment contract is signed with the expatriate. The international umbrella company system provides a number of advantages – financial, legal, tax, social welfare and administrative – to optimize income and expenses and secure cooperation.

How the international umbrella company works.

Facilitating expatriation management

Expanding abroad

Securing international assignments

Delegating part of administrative management

Client testimonials

Sage takes care of the administrative side - invoicing, accounting, payroll deductions, etc., freeing me entirely from all the red tape inherent in running a company, however small. This freedom allows me to be efficient and totally focused on the work I am doing for my customers.

Katell Jaffrelot Sales Export Manager

SAGE SA is agile. Their services are tailor made and à la carte, so I can avail myself of some or all of them. They can be adapted to suit the needs of the company as well as to the particular situation of each individual.

André Zander Former HRD of ELYO and head of Nord Espaces

André Zander
André Zander

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International mobility is a complex area. Specialised in international contractor services since 1989, SAGE SA provides support to companies and consultants on assignments abroad to facilitate international operations worldwide.

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