Sage has been a part of the group for 6 years, and has been working with companies and contractors for more than 30 years, exclusively on international aspects.

Bernard Rozinthe, General Manager

“Our raison d’être is to facilitate your international operations, whether you are an independent contractor or an end client.


The SAGE team is committed to optimally matching your expectations in terms of the management of cash flows, international social security cover and your expatriation procedures anywhere in the world. We will be and are delighted to welcome you into in our community of international experts and provide you with the requisite support.”

Bernard Rozinthe, General Manager

About us

SAGE SA provides specialist services geared towards freelance administration and international mobility. Since 1989, the firm has been supporting professionals on assignments abroad, irrespective of their home and destination countries, within the European Union and in the rest of the world.
SAGE ERGONOS, dedicated to international payroll services, is the result of the gradual grouping together under a single brand of companies specialising in international mobility located in France, Switzerland (Sage SA), Germany (Ergonos), England (Freelance UK), Asia (Freelance Singapore) and which today has the reach to deliver a comprehensive service anywhere in the world. Sage Ergonos is an entity of the group.

Facilitating expatriation management

Expanding abroad

Securing international assignments

Delegating part of administrative management

Guarantees and solutions

Leaving one’s country of origin involves complex regulatory, fiscal, social and administrative obligations. The international umbrella company is positioned as an intermediary between company and consultant to facilitate their collaboration and offer each of them an administrative framework giving both parties access to numerous advantages.


Whether you are an independent consultant or a company, the specialists in international mobility at Sage will provide you with services that can be adapted and customized to suit your needs.


We have the capacity to apply this expertise regardless of the nationality of the employee managed or the country of destination.

Guarantees and solutions


  • Specialist in expatriation and international umbrella services for more than 30 years
  • A Tailor-made Service
  • Fully conversant with every expatriation scenario, whatever the location and business sector
  • Competitive pricing and know-how that guarantees the financial optimization of both the consultants’ salary and the company’s costs.
  • For each client, a single contact person in the language of their choice and personalized follow-up adapted to their requirements.
  • High-performance work and monitoring tools to facilitate exchanges and assignments


Our presence

Sage SA is able to cover your international assignments throughout Europe but also in Asia and Africa, thanks to a network of subsidiaries of the Freelance Group.

Client testimonials

Sage takes care of the administrative side - invoicing, accounting, payroll deductions, etc., freeing me entirely from all the red tape inherent in running a company, however small. This freedom allows me to be efficient and totally focused on the work I am doing for my customers.

Katell Jaffrelot Sales Export Manager

SAGE SA is agile. Their services are tailor made and à la carte, so I can avail myself of some or all of them. They can be adapted to suit the needs of the company as well as to the particular situation of each individual.

André Zander Former HRD of ELYO and head of Nord Espaces

André Zander
André Zander

A subsidiary of the Freelance group

  • A leading player: is the French leader in intermediation services between companies and self-employed people.
  • A wide range of solutions: Umbrella services, outsourcing management, talent sourcing and supplier compliance management
  • A listed group: On the Euronext Growth market

Investor Site
A subsidiary of the Freelance group

Key figures

  • €237m in sales in 2019
  • 1M users of our platforms
  • 130 employees
  • 29 locations in 6 countries

Key figures

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