International freelance administration : An essential partner for Change Managers

The business world is evolving rapidly, and companies are constantly faced with changes, challenges and opportunities. In this context, change managers are becoming the go-to solution to resolve specific problems and ensure smooth transitions. International freelance administration is emerging as a particularly relevant arrangement for these skilled consultants. It provides flexibility and the legal security essential to the success of their missions. It also provides innovative solutions for organisations seeking to effectively manage projects on a global scale.

What is change management?

Change management refers to the practice of calling on experienced and qualified executives to take up key positions within an organisation on a temporary basis. This approach is often used in situations when there is major change, restructuring or crisis management. Change managers provide specialist skills to solve specific problems, implement organisational change and ensure a smooth transition.


Advantages of Change Management:


  • Change managers are chosen for their specific skills, affording immediate expertise where it is needed. In this respect, the skills they provide are specialised.
  • Further, this enables a quick response. The recruitment process is speeded up, so the position is taken up rapidly for resolving immediate problems.
  • Finally, the controlling of costs is a considerable advantage for companies. Hiring a temporary change manager can often be more cost-effective than recruiting a permanent player.


These benefits are increased exponentially when combined with the use of international or regional freelance administration.

How does international freelance administration facilitate the recruitment of change managers and make their working lives easier?


For the Change Managers:


The freelance administration solution offers change managers the opportunity to choose assignments tailored to their skills and expertise, allowing them to concentrate on specific areas of their choice. It also means they can carry out their work completely independently, while enjoying the same administrative and legal support as a salaried employee. Thus they can devote themselves fully to managing change, without any administrative hassle.


How does international freelance administration facilitate the recruitment of change managers and make their working lives easier?



Companies using international freelance administration services


I. Legal and administrative security:


  1. In addition to legal and administrative compliance in the country of the assignment, change managers ensure they are covered in terms of social security, unemployment and pension entitlements.
  2. The freelance administration company takes care of the administrative side (contracts, invoicing, payslips, health, pension and unemployment contributions), allowing change managers to concentrate on their assignments without having to worry about tedious administrative tasks.


II-Diversification of professional opportunities


  1. Access to a Global Network: By using an international freelance administration company, change managers can access a global network of potential clients, broadening their professional horizons and creating new opportunities.
  2. Smooth transition between assignments: Freelance administration facilitates the transition between different assignments, offering financial stability during periods of inactivity and making it easier to start out on a new assignment.


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For the company:

I-International freelance administration offers great flexibility and operational responsiveness:


Fast adaptation: International freelance administration allows companies to hire change managers in record time, enabling an immediate response to specific needs linked to organisational changes, crises or complex projects.

  1. Managing peaks in activity: Companies can enlist the services of freelance administration to cover periods of work overload, without having to hire permanent staff, thereby optimising their cost structure.


II- Simplified Management of International Assignments:


  1. Legal and Administrative Compliance: Working internationally can be complex from a legal and administrative point of view. Freelance administration procures peace of mind for companies by handling compliance with local employment, social security and tax regulations.
  2. Delegation of Administrative Tasks: Companies can delegate administrative management, including invoicing, contract management and tax and social security obligations to the staffing agency.


III. Controlling costs:


  1. Cost controlled: Employing change managers through an international freelance administration firm allows companies to control employment costs, by avoiding the charges related to hiring permanent staff and the associated administrative costs.
  2. Financial flexibility: Companies can adjust the duration of assignments to suit their specific needs, affording greater financial flexibility and optimised resource management.

International umbrella company for international consultant

Freelance administration is proving to be a major asset for change managers, and also for companies, providing the requisite flexibility to deploy their expertise independently and securely on an international scale. By eliminating administrative and legal obstacles, this approach frees change management professionals to concentrate on the essential: the success of their assignments.


As a strategic partner, freelance administration plays a crucial role in the career development of change managers, reinforcing their valuable contribution to solving complex problems in companies around the world.


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