Companies, discover why international umbrella services can boost your development!

Questions of innovation, competitiveness and performance are essential in companies. Renewing, improving processes, giving your development plan the best chance of success are all areas that require you to rely, even temporarily, on skills and expertise which can be rare and difficult to recruit.

A growing pool of executives, retirees and young graduates have chosen to use their skills freelance, out of a concern to preserve their entrepreneurial autonomy to increase their professional opportunities and escape from a fragile job market that is not very favourable to hiring.


Most of them are specialised and perfectly adapted to short or long term assignments, at home or abroad, and constitute a real pool of expertise.

Sage Sa - Développement international

Flexible and adaptable, they are used to working with large corporations as well as small companies and show a real commitment to their customers. They are adaptable and prove to be excellent role models to propel existing employees towards new perspectives.


At the same time, constrained by a tense social climate, companies find it difficult to recruit but are also sometimes reluctant to hire on permanent contracts, having little visibility on the fluctuation of their activity.

The umbrella company also applies internationally.

Self-employed, freelancers and experienced consultants constitute a pool of specialised professionals who are perfectly suited to one-off, more or less long-term assignments, in France but also, as we often forget, abroad.

Many companies and large corporations have long relied on these profit-generating profiles.  However, when a company has to manage a more or less large number of contractors, it may eventually face complex administrative difficulties, even more so when they are expatriates. Renewal of contracts, management of invoices, assignment expenses, etc.

Both for the contractor, who retains their autonomy while benefiting from employee status, and for companies that benefit from numerous advantages, umbrella companies are presented as a fairly ideal solution. In the context of opening new markets abroad, subcontracting production, opening subsidiaries in other regions, for example, the vast majority of companies turn to contractors.


When you hire a contractor through an umbrella company, there is a three-way contract between the contractor, your company and the umbrella company. The umbrella company invoices you for the amount of the services you have previously agreed with the contractor. Then they pay the person concerned on a contractually predefined basis, like any other employee, and pay the applicable social security contributions and taxes.

Sage Sa : consultant aeroport

In addition, the umbrella company takes charge of administrative and wage management and relieves the company of part of its regulatory burden. What is more, an umbrella company specialising in the international sphere like SAGE SA will assist you in managing international mobility at several levels: conducting audits, analysing your internal practices, market comparisons, satisfaction surveys among expatriates, corrective recommendations, etc.