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What are the management fees of the international umbrella company?

Your percentage take home pay (net of management fees) varies between 58 and 80% depending on the choices made by the consultant in terms of social security cover.


If the consultant determines that the scope of their assignment requires minimum coverage (health & repatriation for example), the percentage take home pay may be up to 85%. In the case of maximum coverage (health, repatriation, provident scheme, retirement, unemployment, etc.) the percentage take home pay will be around 56%.


Each case is particular, and requires a tailor-made study. This is why you should not hesitate to contact our team to discuss your particular situation. Our advisors can provide you with simulations of your take home pay according to the level of social security coverage you require.

How are salaries paid to the expatriate consultant?

SAGE raises an invoice for the services of the consultant and sends it to the company they are working for. They then pay the consultant a monthly salary calculated on the amount invoiced excluding VAT, from which their management fees are deducted.


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