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Will I be entitled to unemployed benefit after an assignment abroad?

Sage offers coverage à la carte. If you wish to pay unemployment contributions you may do so.


When you return to France, you can ask Pôle emploi to open up your rights and receive benefits under the expatriate scheme after 18 months of contributions or under the normal scheme if your rights were open before you went abroad.

As an expatriate, can I continue to contribute to the unemployment fund and keep this entitlement in the event of job loss?

If you have chosen a rate of pay that includes expatriate unemployment contributions, you may claim and receive unemployment benefit.


The arrangements with Pôle Emploi expatriate scheme give you an entitlement to benefits after 18 months contributions. The amount of the benefits is calculated on the same basis as the general unemployment scheme.


When you return to France, SAGE provides you with an assignment completion certificate which allows you to register with Pôle emploi.


On the other hand, if you already have an entitlement in France, you can defer your rights and keep them for a period of 3 years when you go abroad, and not have to contribute to the expatriate scheme.

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