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Global mobility solutions

SAGE facilitates international collaborations between end clients and highly skilled freelancers. The international umbrella company allows them to enjoy numerous advantages – financial, legal, tax, social and administrative – to optimize their income and expenses and to secure their cooperation.

For companies

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For the contractor

You look for a partner to manage you international mobility questions?

Mobility solutions at a glance

An international umbrella company caters for companies and self-employed people with international projects. Sage handles administrative management and invoices the end client for the services of the contractor on the overseas assignment. Sage signs a service agreement with the user company, and generates an employment contract with the expatriate.

A global solution

Leaving one’s country of origin involves complex regulatory, fiscal, social and administrative obligations. The international umbrella company is positioned as an intermediary between company and contractor to facilitate their collaboration and offer each of them an administrative framework that is advantageous to both parties.
Whether you are an independent contractor or a company, the specialists in international mobility at Sage will provide you with services that can be adapted and customized to suit your needs.
We have the capacity to apply this expertise regardless of the nationality of the employee managed or the country of destination.

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